Technical Trainer of programming languages and web technologies - Java, C, Unix Shell Scripting, Ajax, XML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, VisualBasic and Perl
as Instructor of Programming Languages and Web Technologies
November/10 - present Java, Ajax, PHP, MySQL at LearnComputer
December/09 XSLT at Santa Cruz University
October/08 Java Instructor at Vmware
Jun/08 Java and JavaScript Instructor at USC in LA
Jan/08 Java for Programmers Instructor at Western Digital
Jan/08 - present Java Instructor for Webucator
September/07 - present JavaScript instructor at BAVC in SF
May/06 - present Java, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ajax/JavaScript, XML/XSLT Instructor for AcademyX, San Francisco
March/06 - Feb/10 Instructor for the city San Francisco
Nov/05 - present Ajax and CSS instructor at Marakana, San Francisco
July-Dec/05 Java and XML instructor at Hewlet Packard, Oregon and New Hampshire
April/04 J2EE instructor at Adobe, San Jose
Aug/03 - Sep/03 Advanced Visual Basic for Excel and JavaScript instructor at Xilinx
June/02                 Advanced Java instructor at KLA - Tencore
June/03 - Aug/05 Java and J2EE instructor for Learnsoft
April/02 - June/06 Java instructor for CarrigLearning
May/01 - Dec/02 Java instructor for Sun Microsystems
Jan/99 - present Object-Oriented Thinking (based on Java), Introduction to Programming based on C, and Web Tools and Technologies instructor/vendor at Hewlett Packard
Jan/98 - Oct/02 Java and Principles of Programming instructor at San Francisco State University MSP
May/00 - June/02 Java, Principles of Programming and UNIX instructor at UCSF extra curriculum program
Jan/99 - Nov/01 Corporate trainer for San Francisco State University MSP Corporate Training Program
Sep/00 Java trainer for the trainers of CommerceOne
Aug/00 Java instructor for the City of San Francisco at Ciber Training
May/00 JavaScript and HTML Instructor for Flycast.com
Mar/00 - May/00 JavaScript instructor at Dougnet.com
Aug/99 Java instructor, training City Health Dept programmers at Ciber Training
Oct/99 - Dec/99 Web Database Connectivity & ASP, corporate trainer for Wells Fargo and Ciber Training
July/99 - Dec/00 UNIX, Shell Programming and C instructor for the SFSU UNIX/C/C++ Certificate Program
Sep/98 - Dec/99 UNIX and advanced HTML instructor at Learnit!
Dec/97 Lingo instructor at SFSU Multimedia Studies Program
Aug/96 - Jan/98 Lingo instructor at International Center for Digital Arts SF
as Multimedia/Internet Developer/Programmer
May/98 - Aug/98 Lingo Programmer at IDEO Product Development. Converted a Mac product to PC, and worked on a presentation for Xerox
Dec/97 - Mar/98 Java Programmer - at SFSU Multimedia Studies Program. Developed Java Applets and applications for educational tools and instructional examples
Nov/96 - Nov/97 Lingo Programmer at IDEO Product Development - Developed a CD for Win & Mac. - a very complex interactive portfolio - winner of Business-Week 1998 award, and some simple tools to be used by 'users' to create other Director movies and/or control their behavior
Sep/96 Lingo Programmer at SFSU Multimedia Studies Program Developed a Shockwave front-end navigational interface for On-line classes
June/96 Lingo Programmer at Izenman's Industries, Tel Aviv - developed a front-end with a small database, and a data analysis and presentation movie
April/96 Lingo Programmer at Morgan interactive - As part of a team worked on MPEG for Windows
Jan/95 - May/96 Multimedia/Web Developer at Hyperopia Inc. - Designed and programmed Web Sites and developed Director demos
Experience as Senior Programmer/Analyst
Feb/82 - Jan/95
at Tri Valley
Growers in
San Francisco
  • Designed and programmed on-line systems using PowerBuilder (Object-Oriented Programming) on Windows 3.1.
  • Wrote stotop procedures using SQL for Sybase Database.
  • Analyzed business requirements and wrote a requirements document.
  • Managed a team of co-workers for a 10 month project producing a graphically-flexible invoicing system.
  • Programmed, tested and implemented on-line and batch systems on a VAX-6250-cluster.
  • Interfaced with users of all levels.
Experience as Programmer/Analyst
Jan/80 - Dec/81
at John Hoskyns
in London UK:
  • Developed on-line systems for Texas-Instruments.
  • Edited and re-wrote in-house COBOL training manuals.
  • Multimedia Programming - SF State University's Extended Education Multimedia Studies Program.
  • Certificates: PowerBuilder -1992, Sybase - 1990, Structutop Design - 1985, COBOL - 1980.
  • BA Psychology, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel - 1976.
References available upon request