Students' comments from evaluation forms
"Ruven was very clear and articulate as he explained each topic. He was also very persistent, ensuring that all concepts were engrained in our minds" Java - Remote
at LearnComputer ,
A Google Technical Manager wrote: "FANTASTIC! Ruven's curriculum is fantastic, as is his teaching style. It was very helpful to work on iterative examples like he does." Java
at AcademyX ,
"The best course I've taken at AcademyX! And the best online course I've taken ever.... and I've taken several. Ruven was able to assess my skill set quickly, and delivered a custom training program accordingly. He drew upon his vast knowledge of Ajax and other technologies (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS) to answer and pose a myriad of questions. I'm very happy. " Ajax - remote
at AcademyX,
San Francisco
"This class was phenomenal. Ruven might be the best teacher I've taken here. he took an extremely difficult class and made it comprehendable. he was super helpful and patient throughout, and his courseware was great. " Java and Object Orientation
at AcademyX,
San Francisco
"I have been trying to get my mind around CSS and CSS Positioning for some time instructor got more into my head today than the last two years of going at it alone.," CSS
at OverSee for Marakana,
Los Angeles
"Ruven is a great teacher with lots of passion. Overall he did a great job making Ajax and all the related technologies easier to comprehend," Ajax
at Marakana, San Francisco
"Excellent delivery, excellent knowledge, overall organization was superb, very responsive and clear with questions... Ruven, thank you for an excellent learning experience. Your course was one of the best i have ever taken." Intro to Java & OOP for programmers
at Hewlett Packard Nashua, NH
"Great instructor! very clear and very funny! Ruven teaches
with passion!"
Java for Non-C Programmers
at Hewlett Packard
"...friendly and motivating...excellent presenter - made difficult concepts easy to understand...great instructor - class was fun
and I learned a lot."
Object-Oriented Thinking
at Hewlett Packard
"...very dynamic... maintained a level of energy that really helped...nice pace and good teaching style. I'll recommend this class to other postdocs in my department." Introduction to UNIX
"...One of the best organized courses I ever had...very valuable web site and extensive and well thought out of the best teachers at the MSP." Java
"...fundamental concepts were reinforced...he is excellent! I am completely satisfied. I wish he would teach more classes at HP" Java for Non-C Programmers
at Hewlett Packard
"...appreciates and respects questions...conveys complicated algorithms clearly...Ruven has that rare innate ability, he
doesn't just instruct he teaches..."
Unix Shell Programming
at Unix/C/C++
certificate program
"Instructor was extremely methodical and knowledgeable...great breakdown of code elements..." JavaScript
at Xilinx
"...thorough, flexible and responsive...excellent job at covering
a great deal of material in a given time frame...a good brain workout - thanks!"
Web Tools/Technologies
at Hewlett Packard
"Mr Hannah is the best instructor I have ever had. His
knowledge is only overshadowed by his enthusiasm. Outstanding performance"
C at Unix/C/C++
certificate program
"...excellent choice of topics... most books are 700 pages long... was helpful to have the key concepts focused on and explained in detail...and now I can start programming in Java." Java
Ciber/Wells Fargo
"...mixed levels of students, but we all learned the subject,
Ruven was patient and attentive with those that needed more help and made sure the more advanced ones were still challenged..."
Java for Non-C Programmers
at Hewlett Packard
"...exceeded my expectations... i'm really pleased with how
much I learned and how I had to stretch my way of thinking to understand the concepts...Ruven is better than excellent at his job"
Intoduction to Programming
at Hewlett Packard
"Ruven gets top marks...on a scale from 1 through 5 - I'd give Ruven 10...great sense of humor, entertaining, articulate and stimulating. I'm only sorry we will not have him every week." Unix Shell Programming
at Unix/C/C++
certificate program
"...I really enjoyed the class...makes Java seem like fun and it gave me a really good foundation of concepts I can apply in many directions..." Java__________________